Top 10 Technology Advances in 2023

Gintare Hennick
19 January 2024
AI and blockchain technologies stole the show in 2023 and got most of the media spotlight. But what are other potentially life-changing innovations that made significant advancements in 2023? We take a closer took at MIT Technology Review list of 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2023.

1. CRISPR for High Cholesterol: CRISPR, the gene-editing marvel, is taking aim at cholesterol. Clinical trials explore gene therapy that could permanently fix the problem, paving the way for personalized medicine that targets your unique genetic blueprint. The initial small study shows promising results but more testing is still needed.

2. AI Brushes Take Over the Canvas: AI models are generating stunning artworks based on mere text prompts. These "machinescapes" challenge our notions of creativity and art like never before. 

3. A Chip Design that Opens Up the Future: The chip industry is experiencing a seismic shift. RISC-V, an open-source architecture, empowers anyone to design and build microchips. This democratization promises cheaper technology and fosters innovation in everything from self-driving cars to wearable health trackers. Get ready for a world where the garage inventor can compete with the tech giants.

4. Mass-market Military Drones: Military drones are no longer just for superpowers. Cheap components and advanced tech have made them accessible to smaller nations. The Turkish Bayraktar TB2 drones showcase the power and peril of this trend, forcing us to confront the future of warfare.

5. Telehealth Takes Abortion Access Online: Abortion ceased to be a constitutional right in the US in 2022, telehealth stepped in to alleviate the situation. Startups deliver abortion pills safely through online consultations, empowering women with control over their reproductive health. This silent movement highlights the power of technology and enables women to access the essential healthcare.

6. Organs on Demand: Scientists are engineering animal organs compatible with humans and even 3D-printing lungs with patients' own cells. This breakthrough promises a future where life-saving organs are readily available, giving hope to millions waiting for a second chance.

7. EVs Innovation:
Electric vehicles are finally hitting the fast lane. Falling battery costs, stricter regulations, and soaring gas prices make them a compelling choice. Get ready for quieter streets, cleaner air, and a whole new landscape of transportation.

8. James Webb Space Telescope: The James Webb Space Telescope sent back astounding images of the deepest corners of the universe, opening a new era of astronomical discoveries. These photographs rewrite textbooks and redefine our understanding of the cosmos.

9. Ancient DNA analysis: DNA sequencing is reading the stories of our ancestors. This ancient genetic information reveal migration patterns, diets, and daily lives, rewriting history and offering a glimpse into the lives of ordinary people—not just those who could afford elaborate burials. This silent conversation with the past helps us understand who we are and where we came from.

10. Battery Recycling: Recycling is vital to prevent today’s growing mountains of discarded batteries. Recycling companies are recovering valuable metals like lithium and cobalt, giving batteries a second life and powering the sustainable future of EVs. This closed-loop system not only reduces environmental impact but also ensures a steady supply of critical materials for clean transportation.

From rewriting our genes to rewriting history, technology continues to push boundaries and redefine our world. As we step into 2024, keep your eyes wide open for even more mind-blowing innovations that will reshape our lives in ways we can only begin to imagine.

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